XCGIN Exchange


Copy trading is, without a doubt, one of the biggest trends that have emerged in the last couple of decades and it shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. In fact, if anything, it seems to be gaining even further traction, as the past few years have seen an influx of investors and traders in the financial markets, particularly due to cryptocurrencies. If you are looking to invest your money somewhere for the purpose of earning returns, whether it is for retirement, vacation or college fund, the financial markets have something to offer to you. Yes, there are risks, but the payoff is also worth it.

In addition, the simplicity and ease with which you can access these markets has also added to the appeal of online trading. But, how do you enjoy this ease and simplicity? This comes from the broker you decide to use for your trading needs. That’s right, you require an online broker to help you not just access, but also participate in the financial markets. How else will you get a platform and tools that are needed? Nevertheless, there is no need to be worried because there are hundreds of these companies to be found, so you will definitely not run out of options.

But, the sheer number can often be overwhelming, especially when you don’t know how to distinguish one from the other. All of them will offer you their trading services and it is understood that they will only be highlighting their benefits and not talking about their flaws. What do you do? The easiest way to find the answers is to take a step-by-step look into their services and then make up your mind about it. You can use this strategy with XCGIN, a relatively new online broker in the market that claims to offer professional trading services.

A quick look into its background indicates that XCGIN has managed to spread its operations to more than 50 countries around the world, which is quite impressive for a company that hasn’t been around for very long. They have also received multiple recognition rewards for their services. XCGIN is registered and licensed in three different countries, which are Australia, United Kingdom and Cyprus. Therefore, it falls under the jurisdiction of the regulators in the country, which automatically eliminates any doubts about its legitimacy. But, how does it perform when it comes to services? Let’s check that out closely:

Broker XCGIN
Website https://xcgin.com/
Trading Accounts Five Account Options; Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and VIP. Expected Managed Accounts also available
Minimum Deposit €5,00
Assets Coverage Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and CFDs
Trading Tools Trading Indicators, Signals, Live Charts, Technical Analysis Tools, Price Alerts, Market Calendar and Risk Management Tools
Education and Training Yes; Glossary, e-books, online video courses, webinars, tutorials, market analysis and sessions with experts.
Customer Support 24/6 through email, phone number, online contact form and live chat support
Security Policy KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) MIFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

Step 1: Begin the registration process

What would be the first step? It would be to register with the broker in order to open an account with them. This is true for any online service and shouldn’t come as a surprise, but you do need to know if there are any detailed registration requirements. Some companies do require their clients to provide extensive documentations, or sign contracts and even have an approval process. XCGIN is free of any such complications, as their registration process comprises of just a single form on their website. The form itself is very straightforward and only takes a few minutes to complete.

You are asked to enter your first and last name, phone number, country of residence, along with an email address and password. You also need to agree to XCGIN’s Terms and Conditions in order to proceed. As soon as you hit Submit, you will be registered and there will be no need to wait for any approval or complete other requirements. You can now check the account options available and choose one that suits you.

Step 2: Go over the account options

As mentioned above, you have to open an account with the broker in order to use their services and XCGIN has added several account choices for accommodating clients. The aim of providing more than one option is to facilitate traders who have different trading styles, capital and risk appetites. You will come across five choices provided by the broker and these are:

Silver Account: The first and most basic account that you will find is called Silver and a deposit of €10,000 is needed to open it. This account has a leverage of 1:20 for users, charges them 10% in fees on profits, and offers a 20% bonus, along with trading signals to help.

Gold Account: The next account you will find on the XCGIN platform is called Gold and it needs a deposit of €25,000. This account offers slightly changed trading conditions, as leverage is adjusted to 1:40 and traders also get daily market reviews, 1 weekly managed session, 1-on-1 educational course and a complete money management plan, along with 40% bonus.

Platinum Account: The third account choice that has been added to the offerings is called Platinum and traders are asked to deposit €100,000 for this account. In return, they are provided with a 60% bonus, a monthly cashback and their fees and charges are reduced to 9%. They also get a premium trading room and leverage of 1:60 and they can enjoy 2 to 3 weekly managed sessions.

Diamond Account: This account option requires a minimum deposit of €250,000 and offers traders a whopping leverage of 1:100 in return. Their fees and charges are cut down to 7% in this account and they now receive an 80% bonus as an incentive. As for weekly sessions, there are now 4 provided.

VIP Account: The last account choice that traders will see is referred to as VIP and this one needs a deposit of €500,000. Traders now get a leverage of 1:150 and their bonus reaches 120%. They also get daily managed sessions under this account.

If traders have an investment of €1,000,000 or more, they can become a member of the Royal Club at XCGIN and will be provided with special privileges, along with all the features that are given in the aforementioned account options on the platform.

Step 3: Look at payment solutions

Once you have decided what account you wish to open, it is now time to turn your attention towards meeting the minimum deposit requirement. This means you need to know what payment options are supported by the broker. XCGIN has been quite accommodating in this regard and they have added both traditional and modern solutions to facilitate their users in the best possible way. Those who value security more than anything else can opt for wire transfers. SEPA transfers are also supported on the platform, which is another perk traders can enjoy.

If you prefer quicker and more advanced solutions, XCGIN allows its clients to use debit and credit cards, such as Visa and MasterCard for their deposits. In most cases, deposits are confirmed instantly, which means you don’t have to deal with any delays and can start trading right away. The same methods are available for withdrawals as well, but these require some processing time, depending on the chosen method and also incur a cost.

Step 4: Check out the trading instruments

Now, you have made your deposit and are poised for trading, but what will you trade? To find the answer, you need to know what trading instruments are offered by the broker and then choose accordingly. XCGIN has a wide array of instruments available on their platform because they want to appeal to the varying risk appetites of traders. There are more than 250 options to explore, which are a combination of volatile and stable instruments that can deliver the kind of profits you may want.

First off, traders will find the forex market at their disposal and its volatility can generate substantial returns for traders. Numerous currency pairs, including but not limited to EUR/USD, USD/NZD, AUD/CAD, GBP/CHF, EUR/GBP and USD/JPY can be found on the platform. If you want even more volatility, you will find the cryptocurrency market also accessible on XCGIN. In fact, they have added some of the leading cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Cardano, Litecoin and Ethereum. You can also indulge in the traditional form of trading by opting for the stock market.

There are a number of bigwigs that can be invested in, such as Apple, Facebook, Verizon, PayPal, Netflix and Amazon. Traders who don’t want to go with individual stocks and would prefer baskets will find indices also available on the XCGIN platform. These include prominent names like NASDAQ 100, FTSE 100, S&P 500 and DAX 30. Other than this market, you will also be able to invest in commodities that are known for their stable returns. These comprise of energies like crude oil and natural gas, precious metals like gold, silver, copper and palladium and even agricultural items like soybeans, coffee, corn and rice.

With such a variety at your disposal, you can diversify your investment portfolio to the maximum, which will help you hedge your risks inherent in trading and maximize the returns that you want to make from the financial markets.

Step 5: Take a look at the trading platform

You can go over the trading instruments and decide which ones you want to trade, but how will you begin? Where do you execute your trades? How do you open positions? This is where a broker’s trading platform comes in and it is a crucial component that can affect your overall experience. Therefore, it is not something to be trifled with and you should pay attention to what it entails. XCGIN has created their own trading platform, which is web-based, meaning that you have to access it via the browser, rather than downloading it anywhere.

This is one of its major perks because you don’t have to worry about being restricted to one device and having to go through the download process, especially if you are not tech savvy. Plus, there is no maintenance or updates needed from you in the long-run. XCGIN has used powerful technology to create a feature-rich trading environment that would work for beginner traders, as well as skilled ones. The trade executive is fast and smooth and the user-friendly interface ensures there are no problems in navigating it. You can trade various instruments from a single dashboard and find a range of trading tools.

You can take advantage of the market calendar, use advanced analysis tools, along with charts and graphs. The latest market updates are also provided, trading signals are given and there are custom indicators also available. Risk management tools are also given and you can implement different strategies and use numerous order types. XCGIN has also kept up with market trends and added a mobile trading solution to their offerings. This is available in the form of apps that are available for both Android and iOS devices.

It doesn’t take you long to download the apps and they are excellent for traders who enjoy trading on the go. You will be able to control and manage your trading account, regardless of your location, giving you a better opportunity to maximize your returns. Plus, XCGIN has also equipped these mobile apps with advanced tools and features in order to help traders in making the most of their investment. This kind of flexibility can be immensely attractive for traders.

Add in the robust customer support, secure trading environment and availability of educational materials and it is obvious that XCGIN is a professional broker that lives up to its claims and knows how to deliver.